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From Victoria L.:
I love everything about Mimi's magic paste! I love the way it smells. I love how gentle and natural
it is as well. I would definitely recommend and purchase again!


From Hillary M.:
I LOVE the smell. I also like how it cleans - don't have to scrub too hard. It's very easy to rinse in
the bathtub. It only takes a little more I also cleaned the mirror, and it worked well too with a final buff of a dry cloth. Also, I didn't notice any residue left behind.


From Kurt M.:
I love the fresh, clean scent. Also love that it's all natural. And it cleans wonderfully! Everything is
shiny! I would definitely refer to a friend.... And I will definitely purchase more!


From Monica C.:
The thing I like about Mimi's Magic Vanishing Paste is the awesome smell. It's refreshing to
clean with products that don't make you gag when using them. It leaves my counters fresh and
most importantly clean. I would definitely purchase the product again.


From Michelle S.:
I love it!

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