As a wife, mother, working professional and business owner, I have learned that the only way I can juggle my responsibilities is to organize my life and my home. I would like to share with you some of the tricks, tips and hacks I’ve learned along the way.

Yourganizing 101

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Yourganizing 101

Here are a few core organizing tips that anyone can use at any level:

• Put things in their place … the first time

We all spend countless hours looking for things that are misplaced, create more time for yourself by simply putting things in their proper place.

• Plan ahead

Preparing meals, outfits, and a to do list for the next day will allow you to eat healthier, streamline daily tasks and look like a star all before rush hour traffic!

• Write it down!

The power of a pen and paper (or memo app) these days are astounding. Making simple reminders can save a lot of time and frustration.

• Set deadlines

Giving yourself a set day/time to complete tasks (before the drop dead date) will prevent feelings of anxiety and being overwhelmed

• Don’t Procrastinate

Seize the moment, if there is an opportunity to complete a task that would otherwise have you running crazy because time isn’t on your side DO IT! You will that yourself later!

An Organized vs. An Unorganized Life

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An Organized vs. An Unorganized Life

•    A recent survey revealed that 1 out of 3 people admitted they avoided spending time at home so they wouldn’t have to deal with the clutter in homes.

•    Most Americans spend on average of 9 million hours each day looking for misplaced items

•    Research shows that clutter affects your brain’s ability to concentrate, process information and has a negative effect on your mood/self-esteem

•    Clutter is a breeding ground for dust, which can affect your health by irritating your allergies and your inability to sleep well

Yourganize It! can help! Adopting an organized lifestyle has unlimited benefits, below are just a few.

•    Not only does it feel great, but we respond more positively to things being organized

•    It increases our ability to concentrate and focus

•    It allows us to create other healthy habits in different aspects of our life

•    It can reduce stress and depression

•    Improved use of time

•    It can help us stay on budget by not purchasing duplicates

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

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Breaking Up is Hard to Do

So now that you have seen how disorganization can take over your life you may think, “How can this change work for ME?” As the old cliché says – old habits die hard. Developing ways to organize yourself is a lifestyle change, as it is the same for eating healthier and exercising. You will only get out of it what you put into it. Aren’t you worth having peace of mind?

Okay, so how do YOU do it?

Honestly, my schedule can be as crazy as the next person’s. Having a family of 4 can certainly give its share of spontaneity and quick problem solving. To keep most organizing hiccups at bay I find it most valuable to PLAN AHEAD. On Sundays I usually cook 2 -3 dinner meals that will last a couple of days, andI prep meals for lunches during the week.

I make sure that I have completed the family’s laundry for the week and if I am not able to plan outfits for the week, I at least have an outfit ready for the next day. I make sure to wake up in enough time to make the bed, get dressed and make my smoothie before heading to the office. These simple steps executed effectively will make more time for things of real importance.