Yourganizing 101

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Yourganizing 101

Here are a few core organizing tips that anyone can use at any level:

• Put things in their place … the first time

We all spend countless hours looking for things that are misplaced, create more time for yourself by simply putting things in their proper place.

• Plan ahead

Preparing meals, outfits, and a to do list for the next day will allow you to eat healthier, streamline daily tasks and look like a star all before rush hour traffic!

• Write it down!

The power of a pen and paper (or memo app) these days are astounding. Making simple reminders can save a lot of time and frustration.

• Set deadlines

Giving yourself a set day/time to complete tasks (before the drop dead date) will prevent feelings of anxiety and being overwhelmed

• Don’t Procrastinate

Seize the moment, if there is an opportunity to complete a task that would otherwise have you running crazy because time isn’t on your side DO IT! You will that yourself later!

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