Breaking Up is Hard to Do

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Breaking Up is Hard to Do

So now that you have seen how disorganization can take over your life you may think, “How can this change work for ME?” As the old cliché says – old habits die hard. Developing ways to organize yourself is a lifestyle change, as it is the same for eating healthier and exercising. You will only get out of it what you put into it. Aren’t you worth having peace of mind?

Okay, so how do YOU do it?

Honestly, my schedule can be as crazy as the next person’s. Having a family of 4 can certainly give its share of spontaneity and quick problem solving. To keep most organizing hiccups at bay I find it most valuable to PLAN AHEAD. On Sundays I usually cook 2 -3 dinner meals that will last a couple of days, andI prep meals for lunches during the week.

I make sure that I have completed the family’s laundry for the week and if I am not able to plan outfits for the week, I at least have an outfit ready for the next day. I make sure to wake up in enough time to make the bed, get dressed and make my smoothie before heading to the office. These simple steps executed effectively will make more time for things of real importance.

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