An Organized vs. An Unorganized Life

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An Organized vs. An Unorganized Life

•    A recent survey revealed that 1 out of 3 people admitted they avoided spending time at home so they wouldn’t have to deal with the clutter in homes.

•    Most Americans spend on average of 9 million hours each day looking for misplaced items

•    Research shows that clutter affects your brain’s ability to concentrate, process information and has a negative effect on your mood/self-esteem

•    Clutter is a breeding ground for dust, which can affect your health by irritating your allergies and your inability to sleep well

Yourganize It! can help! Adopting an organized lifestyle has unlimited benefits, below are just a few.

•    Not only does it feel great, but we respond more positively to things being organized

•    It increases our ability to concentrate and focus

•    It allows us to create other healthy habits in different aspects of our life

•    It can reduce stress and depression

•    Improved use of time

•    It can help us stay on budget by not purchasing duplicates

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