"Organization isn't about perfection. "

"Organization is about efficiency, reducing stress and clutter, saving time and money and improving your overall quality of life." Christina Scalise


Staying organized is on everyone’s to-do list, but not everyone knows where to start. Yourganize It was first envisioned in 2011 and began as an outlet to help people understand that organizing doesn’t have to be agonizing. Not only do I organize spaces and places, I also empower others to make organizing a way of life. [Read More]

Who I Am

As a little girl, I was always passionate about keeping things organized. Referred to as “the little organizer,” I was called upon frequently to help with organizing projects. After completing my first paid project at 13-years-old, I was convinced my dedication to keeping order was the start of something valuable and impactful. [Read More]

What I Do

Through my company Yourganize It, I help people create order wherever it is lacking in their lives. From simple closet solutions, playroom overhauls, or whole-house makeovers, I have a custom solution for every situation. By helping people organize for life, I also help my clients live more productive and more fulfilling lives. [Read More]

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